Buttons and menus overview

Document Management

Almost all features of RetSoft Archive are available trough the menu's and popup menu's of the main window. 
Popup menu's can be used by right clicking on folders, documents or on the viewer. Most features can also be accessed through shortcut keys and the toolbar.


Document Management

The toolbar provides a quick and efficient way to reach some of the most used functionalities in RetSoft. It's quicker and easier than using the menu's but the most important and most used functionalities can also be reached with shortcuts.

RetSoft document selections

Document Management
Name Icon Shortcut Explanation
Scan Spacebar Starts a new scan session
Import files CTRL + Spacebar Imports file from the hard disk
Template   Create a new file based on a template
Search CTRL + F Search folders and documents in the archive
Update search indexes    
Memo's   Adds a memo to a graphical document
Print seperator sheets CTRL + N Prints a separator sheets/barcodes
New folder   Creates a new folder in the archive
Send by email CTRL + P Sends the selected document(s) by email
Print   Print one or more documents
Export   Export files from the archive to the hard disk
Export to PDF   Export files from the archive to a PDF document
Export to Word   Export files from the archive to a Word document
Export to favourites   Export files from the archive to your favourites folder
Settings   Open the settings window to change RetSoft settings
Move CTRL + M Moves the selected folder(s) or document(s) to another folder
Create shortcuts   Create a shortcut for this document in another folder
Copy CTRL + E Creates a copy of the selected document
Show properties    Display the properties of the database if the root folder is selected or display or edit the properties of the selected folder or the selected document.
Delete Delete / Del Delete the selected document(s) or folder(s)
Deskew   Deskew the selected document
Invert   Invert the selected document
Email selection   Send the current drawn selection by email
Print selection   Print the current drawn selection
Recognize selected text (OCR)  CTRL + O Text recognition will only be applied to the current drawn selection, this enables you to efficiently add search words to the notes dialog of the document
Zoom in on selection    Zooms in on the current drawn selection
Crop selection   Replace the entire document with the current drawn selection
Copy selection   Copy the current drawn selection to a new document
First   Selects the first document or page
Previous   Selects the previous document or page
Next   Selects the next document or page
Last   Selects the last document or page

Image enhancements

Document Management
Name Icon Shortcut Explanation
Rotate   Rotates the selected graphical document(s) 90 degrees clockwise
Deskew   Corrects the angle of selected skewed documents
Invert   Inverts the colors of selected (graphical) documents

Display size

Document Management
Name Icon Shortcut Explanation
Zoom in CTRL + + Zoom in to the current document
Zoom out CTRL + - Zoom out of the current document
Fit to screen   Fit the current document to the screen size
Full width   Show the current document in full width


Document Management

RetSoft Archive supports the left, right, up and down arrow keys, as well as page up and page down to navigate through documents and folders and scroll throug documents in the viewer.

Enter Open a document or a folder displayed in the search results  
Delete/Del Delete selected document(s) and/or folder(s)
CTRL + A Select all documents in the active window 
CTRL + O Apply OCR to the selected document(s) 
CTRL + Shift + O Display the recognized content of the selected document (if OCR has been applied) 
CTRL + E Edit the selected document or folder 
CTRL + F Open the search window  
CTRL + G Search in an open RetSoft-document or PDF 
CTRL + P Print the selected documents 
CTRL + M Move selected document or directory 
CTRL + N Create a new folder 
CTRL + Spacebar Import files 
Spacebar Start a new scan session 
+ / - Increase/Decrease the number of the selected document(s) if they're numbered
F1 Help
F2 Change name of selected document or folder 
CTRL + + Zoom in 
CTRL + - Zoom out
CTRL + Mousewheel Zoom
R Rotate RetSoft-document 90 degrees clockwise 
D Deskew a RetSoft-document
V Invert a RetSoft-document